Kadarko Marketplace (kadarko.com) is a POFELA NIGERIA company which in her pride has taken on the effectiveness and usefulness of BITCOIN with other modern payment tools (Credit Cards) in Nigeria and Africa as a whole by further empowering SMEs and entrepreneurs to further achieve milestones.

Kadarko.com is an ecommerce marketplace where SMEs become an online webstore owner, showcasing what they sell or perhaps what they manufacture. The webstore allow this vendors to become more active online, take orders, manage stocks and inventory as well as customers.

Getting on kadarko.com as a vendor comes with so many advantages as it will include but not all :

– Help your business become more active online and exposes you to potentital buyers who are interested in what you sell.

– Business get discovered online via search tool such as Google and Bing.

– Enhance proper planning of inventory and order statistics necessary for your merchant business growth.

– Ability to be flexible and experiment.

– Low commission.

– Kadarko.com gives your business branding it needs and negates trust issues with customers.

Here at Kadarko.com,

It is our topmost priority to protect buyers from scam through Kadarko.com thorough screening and escrow mechanism.

You can also read our Terms and Conditions Here so as to understand more about our mission, commitment and consumer protection.

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